Illini fight alongside Walker family as son Braylon deals with epilepsy

We are so grateful to have the Walkers as National Ambassador to Athletes vs Epilepsy. Their son Braylon deals with the struggles of epilepsy and still doesn't let it get him down. Here is a blurb from the recent article written about their outstanding family.

"Braylon Walker’s face lit up with a smile when he walked onto Lou Henson Court. That in itself isn’t a surprise. Ask anyone. He’s just a naturally happy kid. 

But you could tell State Farm Center is a place he enjoys. That was particularly true this Wednesday considering members of the Illinois men’s basketball team were still around getting some extra shots up that afternoon following the team shootaround ahead of that night’s game against Wisconsin.

Braylon had a wave for Aaron Jordan, as the Illini’s senior guard left the court for the locker room. Then a high five for Giorgi Bezhanishvili and a hug for Trent Frazier.

Braylon is a basketball fan. That’s not much of a surprise either. The oldest son of Rebekah and Jamall Walker was born at midseason early in his dad’s tenure as an assistant coach to then Illinois coach John Groce. He grew up in the gym, around the game.

So, of course, the Illini are Braylon’s favorite team. He also enjoys playing with his friends and watching cartoons on TV. Pretty standard for the 6-year-old set."... Read the full story here:

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